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Dolittle  Chihuahua's  and Toy Poodles

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Giving Our Lord All The Glory Forever Amen!




Hello, and thank you for stopping by our website. I'm Dee, and I'm a Born Again Christian grandma, and a small in home hobby show breeder of AKC Registered Chihuahuas. We live in beautiful Clark County Vancouver WA State USA. We share our home and our lives with our precious little Chihuahuas and Toy Poodles and their babies. Our loving mammas raise their puppies inside our kitchen next to our front room while they are tiny babies in an X-pen, that way they receive the best of our hands on care.


We make sure our puppies are healthy, and very well socialized with daily, this is so they will come to you happy, wiggly, and a handful of pure joy! All our puppies are AKC registered and are UTD on all shots, wormed 3x, and all puppies come with puppy food, new toy, new blanket, plus come with a one year health guarantee. Our adult Chihuahuas and Toy Poodles are picked carefully for their quality bloodlines and then when they are bred' They are bred for show excellence even though they are also wonderful pets as well. Note: We only have a few quality litters of puppies a year because quality is much more important to us than quantity, Plus I do feel that over breeding females can be harmful to the adult female if she is bred on every heat cycle throughout her whole breeding life span.

Our adults are (Pets) so we breed with care. We also have a few helpful Co-owners that also raise and show some of our dogs that we agree on, Plus we share some of their offspring and put them up for adoption to loving homes just like your home.

Our Puppies will make you feel just like a Super Star Celebrity!


Hilary Duff and her Chi Lola

Our Chihuahua puppies come in both types Smooth/Short Coats and the Long Coats, Our puppies sizes range from 2-1/2 lbs to 8-lbs when full grown. Our over-all typical size is (4-lbs to 5-lbs) when adults.

After breeding for quite a few years now I can pretty well estimate which of our puppies will be on the smaller side, and which will be the average and then the larger size when their grown. But in honesty "No" breeder can be 100% sure to a puppies size or what their weight will be as an adult, So I can not guarantee weight or size but I can estimate. This is because I study each of our Chihuahuas pedigrees, and their parents size, grand parent size, conformation and colors, all the way up to 5th or 6th generations back and it really helps to produce these "Top Notch Show Puppies" and Top Quality Pet Puppies" that we are so proud of today!


Asher our grandson with "Toosie Roll Pop"


We do our best to help match up each puppy with the new owners life style and personality, and what they feel will be best for them and their families over all needs. The right puppy can be wonderful for older children, the elderly that needs a great companion or assistance dog, or can be for the disabled adult or disabled child they can even be taught to be a great service dog.

Note: If your looking for a Super Tiny Micro Teacup Chihuahua Puppy please visit our Chihuahua information page for the link to learn allot more about this so called term "Micro Teacup or Tiny-Teacup"


We have puppies born around one to three times a year and as soon as the Stork arrives we always post new pictures of the puppies that we have here on our website on our puppy page, the link is called "Puppies" for you're viewing pleasure and I also email everyone right away that's on our puppy e-mailing list when their born!

At 'Dolittle Chihuahuas and Toy Poodles' We strive to breed for exquisite puppies that come with beautiful faces, wonderful personalities and nice conformation. Each of our puppies are AKC registered and come with a year health guarantee, which you will learn more about this on the "Guarantee Page" which you can see above on the MORE drop down menu'. Our ethics and choice to continue to breed for better excellence into our Chihuahuas and Toy Poodles, is of the utmost importance to us!


Truthfully at "Dolittle Chihuahuas and Toy Poodles" Our Puppies are for those of you who won't settle for a less quality baby!



Please explore our web site to learn about "Our Puppy Adoptions, "Puppy Care, and allot more about these cute little dogs. Email us with any questions that you have, I will try and get back with you within 48 hours or sooner. Thank You for visiting Our "Dolittle Chihuahuas and Toy Poodle" Website..... Please Come Back Again and Again! :) We are always updating with new information and new photos of our New Puppies up for adoption.

Note:  We sometimes do trades on pups with other reputable AKC breeders like ourselves to help update their bloodlines, and sometimes we do trade puppies with people for items of equal value or even part trades..... just ask Dee~...... Let's Chat!



'SR Lancealot Amulet Dreams' as a pup now lives in Goldendale WA.


Our Cute Tiny Puppies are liable to steal your heart away with just a single glance!

We do have many pages here on our website that has really good health tips to keep your puppy or adult happy and healthy so you and your baby can live a long happy life together! Our Puppies will love to meet you once they are at least four weeks or older, So contact us today to see if our puppies are old enough to set up a time to come visit our little bundles of joy. Below is our puppy viewing x-pen where you can watch the puppies play to get a feel for their personality, or you can take them out to play with them on our front room floor and kitchen. its important to watch them and to ask questions to see if one of the puppies will be a perfect fit for you and your family and lifestyle.


Our puppy viewing pen in our kitchen





1# Our dogs are registered AKC, and our puppies will come with their AKC paper work, and sometimes double registered with CKC. When getting a puppy with papers you know for sure your buying a purebred Chihuahua or Poodle puppy when you see and receive the puppies paper work, Some people sell puppies with no papers at all, it's so hard to know if those puppies are even full Chihuahua or Poodle? Plus many puppies without any papers come from so called puppy mills.

2# We only have a few Show bred female Chihuahuas and Poodles that live with us or our Co-breeders,  this way we can concentrate on everything that pertains to our two breeds, The more we study about their genetics and their bloodlines, the better it will be for the future of our puppies. We breed for Quality Loving Pets, Top Show Prospects, with Top Show Bloodlines to be passed on for years to their future babies.

3#Our puppies receive their first 5-way vaccinations Without Lepto' shot and also wormed at least twice or more before leaving to their new home, NOTE: to learn more about lepto and shots for toy dogs, read our page on Chihuahua health.

4# Our puppies are brushed once a week or more they are flea combed and nails trimmed every other week, and they are fed puppy mush when real young then fed Puppy Kibble and sometimes a Rice and veggie mix, I will be giving about a weeks worth of (Kirkland puppy food) for each puppy to take home, it's a very high quality food with real veggies and fruits, eggs, and real Chicken as the first ingredient.


5# Our puppies all begin their potty pad training just as soon as they can walk, and most of our pups are around 70% to 85% potty pad trained by the time they go to their new homes, we find this is very helpful for the new puppy parents so they don't have to start the potty training from the very beginning.

6# All our puppies are always raised indoors, same goes for our co-breeders homes and they are cared for just as our grand children, "Not as livestock", When born and tiny they stay with their mom in the baby area in the kitchen area, and when older they are placed in a larger x-pen in the dogs bedroom or stay in our kitchen beside our living room in a play pen where everyone can pick them up take them out and play with them and care for them at any giving time day or evening.
7# I myself have been breeding dogs and horses off and on for over 35 years and openly offer my past breeding experiences with new breeders and other breeders including help with A-I or with massage birthing techniques, including birth pulling and turning babies and anything else that I can help you with if needed for birthing. if you would like to contact me just to chat about dogs in general that's fine too!
8# New puppy owners are always welcome to come start visiting their puppy weekly starting from 4 weeks and on, this is when the puppies are starting to walk and interact with people. Owners will receive email photo updates weekly while waiting for their puppy to be weaned and ready to go with their new families and their forever homes
9# We' always give a full one year health guarantee on each puppy they adopt from us, you can read our puppy guarantee on the link that says our "Contract" to learn what it all in details.

10# You're very welcome to contact our past puppy owners for their references, Just ask us for their information!

11# All our puppies go home with a "Awesome little puppy kit, puppy care info, a new toy, a weeks worth of food, potty pads, a new blanket for the ride home, Plus emails with you're puppies photo's from new born photos to 8 weeks old or older till you pick him or her up!
12# Our pet puppy prices are very reasonable all at discount/wholesale prices, Prices Start at only $400.00 and up, Our average price for a top quality AKC Chihuahua pup is only $550.00 up to $2,000.00 for the "Really Nice AKC Show Prospect"Puppies. Now sometimes a puppy might have a small show conformation flaw, A few examples: if a puppy has a tail that is set lower than the show judges like? or their ears are set a little two high? or a pup that will be a over 6-lbs, or a pup with thinner or longer legs, and so on.... These tiny flaws do help the prices stay a little lower for a puppy, but these tiny flaws will not cause any health problems for your puppy, it's just the show rules are so strict, But we must go by them if we want our dogs to show and win their championships. We look them over real carefully weekly as young puppies, we are mainly breeding for show puppies! But not all babies can be show babies, But all of our healthy babies can be happy family members. Note: We also offer a second puppy discount of $50.00 off for any two puppies that you adopt, Even if it's been a few years since you adopted your first puppy from us. We also have a few other discounts like $25.00 off for the disabled buyer or their child plus if a family member has a husband or wife in the military" who wish to adopt a baby from us, Just Ask Us!
13# We also offer affordable short term payment plan, starting with our low $200.00 deposit to make it easy for everyone to own a quality Dolittle Baby... Be it a Chihuahua Puppy, But all puppies must be paid in full by the time they are picked up and go home.
14# At this time we have changed our thoughts on shipping of our puppies in the USA, and Out of the USA, We need to talk about this with each person who asks about shipping. As The USDA has made new rules and we want to make sure we are complying with all rules! We do know that sometimes puppies can be shipped, but right now we wish to wait to be totally clear on the rules!  
15# Our Chihuahua puppies do come in two different body styles, We produce both, but mostly we produce the standard AKC Show Type with a coby body with Apple Heads, and compact body, and shorter legs, But once in a while a few come out being more like the Deer Type that have a slimmer body with taller ears and more narrow face, long muzzle and longer legs, and Yes It's True... there are two different Chihuahua styles for different preferences! But I want people to know that (I myself don't breed for the deer type (Chihuahua) But we do get a few of the deer type puppies that are born once in a while depending on the bloodlines of the dam, But we do strive to breed for the "AKC Standard" at all times! and we always try our best to produce the perfect chihuahua as all good breeders should.
16# Note: Importantly I am a Born Again Christian, and being a Christian dog breeder, I truly believe in open honesty when it comes to adopting out any of our puppies, if there's a flaw in a pup, I am going to tell you before you adopt that puppy, There will be no hidden problems in any of our puppy adoptions!

17# Note: We are Against Puppy Mill Breeding or Back Yard Breeding, Plus we Never Sell to Pet Shops or Wholesale Puppy Brokers either, Even though we honestly have been asked to do so a few times by a few online puppy brokers, It's important for us that we know each person who adopts our puppies and to know if their ready to make a life long commitment to a puppy, Chihuahuas can live up to 19 - 20 years, so we really would like to see all of our puppies go to their forever home, also I myself always like to pray over each of our puppies to hopefully know if it's the right home for that puppy or not? That's just how I adopt my puppies out!
Lancelot and Lacy

If you would like to read more about real puppy mills and puppy brokers, and about buying from pet shops and about Pet-shop's that buy the last few cull pups of a litter from back yard breeders, and then they mark up the prices on those puppies, and sell them to people who think that they are buying a quality puppy when it just might be the last sickly puppy from a back yard breeder who just don't really care about the puppies on who they sell them to. Please look for the link on the left side of this page called No_Puppy_Mills and click to see.


Thanks to 'Christine McMann' for adding all the sweet frames around our website!
and thanks for also adopting our gorgeous blue and white little girl Jazmin.
Thanks for all the cute frames Christine!!





I am here honestly "Not" to just help each person pick out just any cute little puppy and sell it to you, But really the most important thing is to try and match you up with just the right puppy that will easily fit into your life style, and your family and home. This way you and your puppy will have a better chance at living a long and happy life together, I want to make sure you're personality and energy levels match up well because not all Chihuahua's have the same level of energy, some are laid back and want to just follow you around and just sit and snuggle most of the day, then there's the Chihuahua that love's to play ball and run and love's to walk on a leash and go to the beach and meet all the little dogs at the dog park on the small dog side of the park. So it's nice to know what type of puppy fits your life style so I can help you try and choose the very best one that fits you personally!
I think it maybe even more important than just picking out a color or sex of a pup or even the size of a puppy! So when you contact us please let us know more about your life style and family and what type of Chihuahua you feel would work out best so we can really help you with your choice.
Please don't think that we are so very picky that its going to be hard for people to adopt a puppy from us, It's really not!! We just want to make sure, you will love the puppy you adopt from us and give it a good home with real love and attention and you will do your best to keep your Chihuahua puppy as long as you can, just as you would a family member! We pray that you can give your puppy all that it needs to live a long and happy and loving life! ~ That's all that we really ask from everyone~
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 A 2011 Dolittle Baby

Recipe for a great Chihuahua puppy!!!

Take one Chihuahua puppy, gently roll and play with until lightly pampered, then add the following ingredients.....

- 1 cup patience....

- 1 cup understanding....

- 1 pinch correction....

- 1 cup hard work....

- 2 cups praise and 1-1/2 cups fun ...

Blend Well, Heat with the warmth of your heart until the Chihuahua puppy has doubled in size. Mix with owner until consistency is such that owner and Chihuahua puppy are one! 

Author Unknown


Thank you for visiting our website, visit our other pages while your here on our website for Chihuahua information, puppy photos and even puppy training, free E-books and Much More, Plus keep checking back for updates on our puppies !
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So Sorry about the different font size text on our website, it's this place where we have our domain website located, we hope webs will help us get it fix, Again we do Apologize!
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 Search words: We specialize in top quality AKC and CKC show and quality pet puppies, Chihuahua puppies to be exact. Our goal in providing you with top quality show and tiny chihuahua pet puppies that are up for adoption or they also call them Teacup Tiny and Micro size chihuahua puppies, Yes we specialize in the Top Quality Pet Chihuahuas of tiny sizes AKC and CKC registered. We very often have micro teacup puppies or small teacup chihuahua puppies for adoption to the right homes. We strive to be the best small AKC chihuahua breeder, or at least the top quality tiny chihuahua breeder as well as micro teacup chihuahua breeder. We love micro chihuahuas and champion bloodlines. all of our dogs are show quality chihuahuas.

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