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If you have read pages on our site then you know how we here at Dolittle Chihuahuas feel about spading and neutering your pets it makes all puppies and dogs become "The very best they can be as your companion", and even its best for the health of your pet!   Its really important to have your puppies spayed and Neutered by 6 months of age so you can make sure their adult hormones don't start to kick in and take over!

By having the little boys start lifting their leg to potty and the little girls start to become the name we call our breeding females that start with a B___h and this is really no joke! Hormones can really make your sweet pet turn into a different dog altogether! This is one of the reasons some pets wined up in shelters!

Some people ask then why do you be a breeder? And leave your dogs un-fixed?

We as breeders are the ones that knowingly go through all the wiping up all those messes and picking up all those potty pads and placing female diapers on our girls and male diapers bands around our boys and taking them off so they can potty every two to three hours, males trying to breed every female in heat, their temper flaring when that are not able too, Even females humping females and getting mad with flaring tempers, then breeding the ones that must be bred, and keeping all those in house records, and sending in the paper work to the registries, then raising up the puppies and cleaning up after them too, giving shots, worming, then finding good families for each of them besides making sure they all are healthy so they can live a long life with those wonderful families.

No its not easy for us! But that is what we choose to do! Its to bring quality puppies for everyone to enjoy! And if you want to fully enjoy your pet, Please get it fixed !! then you can enjoy your puppy to the fullest! See we as breeders don't get to totally fully enjoy ours, until we decide to no longer breed them which is after we too take them in and spay or neuter them.


 We receive  many inquiries about where pet owners and pet caretakers can obtain low-cost or free spay/neuter surgeries, So Here are several resources to look into


Neuter/Spay Blogspot:
Spay WA referral service:



Male  vs. Female

  • Male dogs tend to be lovable and playful.
  • Male dogs tend to be more outgoing, more actively affectionate, more "in your face."
  • Male dogs tend to be more stable and reliable in mood, less prone to emotional swings.
  • Male dogs tend to be clumsy and silly and prone to acting like over sized kids.
  • Male dogs can be easily distracted during training, as they just want to get to playtime!
  • Most male dogs lift their leg to urinate if they are not NEUTERED early at least by 6 months!


  • Female dogs leave their "scent" everywhere when in season if not spayed!
  • Female dogs tend to be very loyal. They're not just everyone's friend.
  • Females are more independent, stubborn, and territorial than their male counterparts.
  • Female dogs are prone to mood swings and be more emotional.
  • Females, when not spayed, also can MARK THEIR TERRITORY!

For every generalization there are always exceptions, but females don’t make better pets than male nor do males make better pets than females. One has to understand the differences and then decide which sex better suits their lifestyle.


Learn the facts"  

Here is Truth About Spay and Neuter Surgery for Puppies



You've heard the myths that spay or neuter surgery makes a dog fat or less protective; now get the factsThe Doris Day Animal Foundation, in conjunction with the organizations annual Spay Day USA, helps answer common questions about spay and neuter surgery below. 

Q. What does spay and neuter mean for my puppy? 

Spaying and neutering, the most common surgical procedures performed on animals, prevent animals from being able to reproduce. Females undergo spay surgery (ovariohysterectomy), which involves the removal of her ovaries and uterus. A male gets neuter surgery (orchidectomy), where his testicles are removed.

Q. Does spaying and neutering hurt? 

Veterinarians provide dogs with a general anesthetic, so the surgery itself is painless. Any discomfort your dog feels afterward is minimal and part of the normal healing process. In fact, your dog will probably show no sign of discomfort from the procedure, and may attempt to resume normal activity when he or she gets home. Owners need to monitor their dogs to ensure that they do not aggravate the incision. Most dogs can return to normal activity within 3 days. 

Q. Does spaying and neutering provide any other health benefits? 

Yes. Spaying greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer and prevents various reproductive tract disorders. Neutering often resolves undesirable behaviors such as aggression, marking and roaming, and eliminates the risk of testicular diseases.

Q. Doesn't spaying and neutering make animals less protective? 
No. Any changes brought about by spaying or neutering are generally positive. Neutered male dogs usually stop territorial marking. Neutered males tend to fight less and are less likely to become lost due to straying from home in search of a mate. Spayed females do not go into heat or need to be confined indoors to avoid pregnancy. Dogs do not become less protective or loyal to their guardians as a result of being altered.

Q. Is it really necessary to neuter male puppies? They don't give birth!

The old saying "it takes two to tango" is as true for dogs as it is for humans. Intact males are less attached to their human families, and often try to escape in their search for a mate. In fact, your intact dog will likely try repeatedly to escape, and in the process dig up your yard, scratch up your door or chew off his restraint. Males that roam in search of a mate are susceptible to injury by cars or in fights with other males. And while a female dog can only have one litter at a time, male dogs can impregnate many females each day.

Q. When should I spay or neuter my dog? 

Most all Vets say the best time to have your dog altered is at six months, now some veterinarians now practice early-age or juvenile spay/neuter surgery, which they perform on dogs as young as six to eight weeks old. Doctors who practice this technique report that the surgery is significantly easier and quicker to perform;  But we have also heard now by some Vets that juvenile spay/neuter can cause some health problems. So we here at "Dolittle Chihuahuas" feel its best to go with spaying or neutering at 6 months old, Plus Spay and neuter all homeless animals before adopting them out still remains the best way to prevent unwanted births.


Q. Isn't spaying and neutering expensive? 

Although to some owners the cost of surgery may seem high initially, it's a real bargain when compared with the cost of raising a litter of puppies. Spaying and neutering also saves taxpayer dollars. A recent survey of 186 shelters revealed an average cost of $176 to handle each homeless animal*a cost that ultimately comes out of all our pockets.

While prices for spay/neuter surgery vary considerably, many humane societies, city agency, welfare organizations, and municipal animal care and control departments will spay/neuter animals at a reduced fee for people who truly need it done like those struggling to make ends meet, the elderly, people on a low income, and also some Good Samaritans sometimes donate funds for those who are having problems paying for their animals care.

Some owners consider spay or neuter surgery as vital to their dogs health and welfare as routine physical examinations, good nutrition, grooming, playtime, and love. Take the time to educate yourself about this important decision regarding your dogs care.




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